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Danielle is available for a range of events, from school and library visits, to literary festivals, conferences and bookshop panels. She is based in Melbourne, Australia, but is happy to travel (any excuse will do!)

She can conduct a variety of; readings, workshops, lead classroom discussion, school assembly addresses etc.

Happy to visit co-ed, single-sex, public and private schools. Primary School Year 5 & 6 – Secondary Schools Years 7-12 focus.

Danielle is represented through the ‘Booked Out Speakers Agency‘ and ‘Lamont Authors‘ for such events, and you can request to book her through those organisations.

Feedback and testimonials on some of Danielle’s sessions

‘Books of our own Backyard’ Book Talk

Whitsunday Voices Youth Literature Festival

Danielle’s words, at Whitsunday Voices, were a call to arms in the battle for an everlasting, ever evolving, Australian literary voice. She reminds us of the importance of reading and hearing our own words and accents; that literature reminds us and tells us who we are.

— Nathan Sainsbury, Proserpine State High School

‘Writing Workshop: How to Map Journeys with Danielle Binks’ Zoom Workshop

Just wanted to send some lovely feedback we have from a customer about the school holiday program. Her son did the writing workshop with Danielle Binks and he absolutely loved it. She said he struggles sometimes with writing his own stories and they got so much out of it and the customer was very impressed!

—Marketing & Events Manager, Harry Hartog Booksellers

Writer’s Victoria ‘Writers on Wednesdays’ tutorial, “Reading for Writers” class

‘The easiest thing you can do to be a better writer is to become a better reader.’

Attendee feedback:

  • Useful information, well-presented; down to earth, great use of quotes; got me thinking about different things; thoughtful; relevant, current, to the point; inspiring and helpful; clearly delivered; passionate; group interaction
  • Finding new things to read, sources of reading recs; interplay between Danielle’s talk which accompanied the slideshow
  • Danielle was a wonderful presenter, knowledgeable, and gave me some great hints.
  • It was a fascinating introduction to the social side of reading and the last exercise rounded out a great discussion cleverly.
  • I am a big reader of all sorts of books but I still feel that I have room to broaden my reading after this. Thank you.
  • Danielle was great and really knew her stuff.
  • Danielle was just WOW! Her depth and breadth of knowledge of the book industry was impressive, her content original, and her delivery equal parts entertaining and academically rigorous. I loved it!

“Storytelling for Gamemasters”

‘Write Around the Murray’ Writer’s Festival schools session

Attendee feedback:

I just wanted to say thanks again for your “Storytelling for Gamemasters” session this afternoon at the Albury Library. My son, Jack, and I were there – I was the “old guy who plays games” according to one of the kids – and had a great time. You handled the kids really well and spread your attention between them in such a way that they all felt special and encouraged. We had to run off before I could tell you how much I appreciated the way you presented “the secret of storytelling”. The idea that conflict is the key to story really resonated with Jack and he was giving me examples of goals and conflict in his favourite films and stories all the way home. You also excited his imagination and he’s been jotting story ideas in his notebook since we got back as well. He is autistic and struggles to connect with people generally (kind of a Sheldon Cooper as a kid sort of character) but he was making eye-contact with you and generally getting into the spirit of the thing very happily and I’ve rarely seen him get so excited about coming up with original ideas before.

–Craig Robotham, parent attendee

“Publishing Journey” school incursion, and short-story writing workshop

Ms Rieschieck, Drouin Secondary College

Some of our English students were fortunate enough to participate in an incursion with literary agent and emerging author, Danielle Binks. Inviting students into her world, Danielle shared what her journey to becoming involved in the publishing industry was like, from being a student herself through to working as a literary agent and what is involved in being the voice for authors, to becoming an emerging author and sharing her own writing with the world. Students had plenty of questions to ask, and Danielle willingly answered all of these and then some, along with sharing a number of valuable resources with students, such as places they could begin looking to get their own writing published! It was a brilliant day session for all involved and students walked away with plenty of inspiration. Some students even sought out some of Danielle’s recommended collections, which makes my Literature-loving heart very happy.

Students had the following things to say:

‘Danielle was amazing, it was so rewarding listening to her speak about what she does for her profession. She gave extremely good book recommendations, and made it very relevant to the topics we discussed in class. I am extremely excited to read her books coming out.’
—Taylah, Year 10

‘This incursion was a very enjoyable experience. Danielle is a funny person and is easy to relate to. She included the audience in her presentation and got through everything quickly so it wasn’t drab and boring. I was part of both talks and while fairly similar, there were some changes: she skipped out some parts that she didn’t feel necessary and added in some things to add to the creative writing aspect of it as we were the creative writing class. Near the end she got us to write a short story in a fashion where we had to keep writing non stop, so no room for editing or stopping to rethink, just spewing out words onto the page as they came. This was something I had never done before and was good in a way to force my brain to work quickly and efficiently.

Overall, I really enjoyed both talks, despite being very similar and directly after each other. Danielle had a good sense of humour and was very knowledgeable and informative. She enlightened myself, and likely others, on what being an author is really like, especially the steps that come after the actual writing process like editing and publishing. I will definitely be taking a lot from this incursion and using it in the future.’
—Phoebe, Year 9.

“Publishing Journey” talk, and short-story writing workshop Year 5 – 8

Ivanhoe Grammar School

“Hi Danielle, I just wanted to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to be able to meet someone as inspiring as you. I really enjoyed the workshop because I have always had a passion for writing stories and that workshop grew my passion even more. You are so inspiring and I am really enjoying your books! You have taught me a new skill that I can use when writing stories and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet you! Thank you so much for talking to us!”

“Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation Danielle! I found it so informative and inspiring, and I loved the great tips you shared for our own story writing. I particularly enjoyed the free choice writing section with the picture prompts, as I found that really helpful – it is definitely something I will use for inspiration when planning my own writing.”

“Thank you so much for our sessions today Danielle. I found your talk very informative, it also inspired me to do more writing and read more short stories! I loved that you talked about how to come up with ideas, and the tips for finding inspiration were so helpful. The writing activity was also great, and it was also really good to learn about your inspiration and career as an author. Thank you again for your time today and good luck with writing your next book!”