I write books for children and young adults. Sometimes I write short stories for grown-ups.

Danielle Binks

Literary Agent

I am partnered with Jacinta di Mase Management as a literary agent of Young Adult (YA) & Middle Grade (MG) works, sourcing and signing new Australian authors for the literary agency. I am occasionally working with adult authors too.

More details of our submission policies can be found here.


This is in no way contingent to submitting to JDM, but I often get asked if I do writing workshops etc. and I do for various conferences and conventions throughout the year. But I also teamed up with Kill Your Darlings in 2020 for an online writing workshop that will be available for 12-months from August 2020; Writing for a Middle Grade Audience with Danielle Binks

  • Margot McGovern – Neverland
  • Fairytales for Feisty Girls – final front cover, high-res
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Who I represent: 

• Graham Akhurstdebut young adult eco-thriller Borderland  [Hachette, tbd 2021]

•  Margot McGovern — debut young adult novel, Neverland [Penguin Random House, April 2018]

Carly Findlay — adult memoir, Say Hello: How I Became The Fangirl Of My Story [Harper Collins, February 2019]

• Kelly Gardiner — middle-grade fantasy, time-slip trilogy The Fire Watcher Chronicles [Scholastic Australia, September 2018]

Jenna Guillaume — young adult contemporary, What I Like About Me [Pan Macmillan, 2019], You Were Made For Me [Pan Macmillan, 2020]

Sher Rill Ngchildren’s picture book, Our Little Inventor [Allen & Unwin, April 2019] • illustrations, Fairytales for Feisty Girls [Allen & Unwin, September 2018] • The Night of the Hiding Moon picture book illustrations [NLA Publishing, 2020]

Kay Kerr — debut young adult novel, Please Don’t Hug Me [Text Publishing, May 2020], Social Queue [Text Publishing, 2021]

Fiona Hardy debut contemporary middle grade novel, How to Make a Movie in Twelve Days [Affirm Press, September 2019], How to Write the Soundtrack to Your Life [Affirm Press, TBD 2020], How to Draw the Wrong Conclusions [Affirm Press, TBD 2021]

Maree Kimberley – YA paranormal fantasy Dirt Circus League [Text Publishing, 2021]

Loretta Smith – adult non-fiction historical biography A Spanner in the Works: The Extraordinary Story of Alice Anderson and Australia’s Only All-Girl Garage [Hachette, March 26 2019]

Jane Gilmore – adult non-fiction Fixed It: Violence and the Representation of Women in the Media [Penguin Random House, September 2019]

Tess Woods – adult fiction Love and Other Battles [Harper Collins Australia, June 2019]

Julianne Negri – middle grade debut The Secret Library of Hummingbird House [Affirm Press, 2020]

Anna Whateley – young adult novel, Peta Lyre’s Rating Normal [Allen & Unwin, 2020]

• Karen Ginnane – young adult duology When Days Tilt and When Souls Tear [Penguin Random House, Feb & Aug 2021]

Sara Haghdoosti – young adult novel Sunburnt Veils [Wakefield Press, March 2021]