Getting pitch ready with Danielle Binks

Getting pitch ready with Danielle Binks

05/08/2023 | 10:00 AM | Online event -

The Hollywood version of book publishing would have emerging creatives thinking that books are pitched and bought over boozy lunches in smoke-filled New York restaurant-dens … but the 2023 reality is vastly different. Pitching has been shaped by social media and digital trends (from Zoom literary speed dates to #ElevatorPitch Twitter sessions). Danielle will cover the tried-and-true basics of what will always make a good and solid pitch delivered to publishers and agents. Speaking from experience as both a literary agent and creative writing teacher she’ll go over cover letter and synopsis writing, answer any questions you may have about getting your manuscript seen by the right people for your creative ambitions, and facilitate a group pitching session to hone your pitch.

Session one will include an industry overview covering what an agent does, whether you need to engage one, the option to seek representation overseas, and practical advice for submitting your work. Danielle will discuss the ins and outs of how to pitch, including how to write an effective cover letter and one-page synopsis, how to find similar reads to your work and how build confidence pitching yourself via written and verbal submissions. Ask all your burning questions and get expert advice on getting your work seen by the right people.

Session two will comprise a group pitching session where you’ll have the chance to showcase your work in a time-modified pitch. Each attendee will have 15 minutes to present their work in a “literary speed dating” format with follow-up questions from Danielle. This is a great chance to get industry feedback, learn from your peers, and hone your pitching skills.

*Please note, pitches are not private 1-1 sessions. They will be delivered in front of the group.


Session dates: 10:00am to 1:00pm Saturday August 5 and 12.

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